Cocopalm Boutique Hotel

Cocopalm Boutique Hotel welcomes guests in Alacati village with its blue bays, lush pool garden and 10 beautiful rooms. Enjoy the tranquility and luxury of the hotel's magnificent garden, or you can walk to restaurants and entertainment venues at this stone hotel, which includes a fabulous breakfast.

Our boutique hotel has 2 saunas and 2 turkish baths, which are free to use for guests. Featuring a fireplace in the lobby and suite room, this hotel also offers you and your loved ones a romantic and relaxing holiday with wood-burning stoves. In addition, for those who want to cycle the streets of Alacati, the hotel offers free bicycles.

Stylish Architecture

Cocopalm's carefully designed interior design will take you to different worlds with the magnificent harmony of wooden and natural stone walls.

Customer Satisfaction

Thanks to our professional team, you will experience a customer satisfaction that you have never experienced.

Peaceful and Comfortable

Happy days await you at Cocopalm, which does not seek comfort and peace in your home.


There are dozens of activities to attend in and around the hotel.

Delicious Food

Specially prepared flavors for you by our master cooks.

Easily Accessible

It is located in the center of Cocopalm Alacati, right next to restaurants and entertainment venues.



  • You check in in accordance with hygiene rules with the disinfectant mat located at the entrance of the hotel.
  • Your luggage is sterilized at the entrance of the hotel thanks to our disinfectant machine, which works with ultraviolet rays.
  • Each guest's temperature is checked with a temperature meter at check-in.
  • We have Hes code application in our hotel.
  • You can also obtain the mask-glove-alcohol-based disinfectant trio from our hotel throughout the day.
  • With our distance signs, our guests are often reminded to maintain social distance.
  • Common areas and guest rooms are periodically sterilized with a disinfectant machine.
  • After the check-out time of the rooms, sufficient time intervals are provided until another check-in time, and new guests are accepted after ventilation and sterilization.
  • For breakfast and other meals, the seating arrangement in the dining areas is arranged in accordance with the rules of social distancing.
  • Towels, sheets and pillows are prepared untouched for our guests.
  • For room cleaning, you need to hang your 'I want to clean' card on your door.
  • Towels are provided for use in the pool at our hotel.
  • Free buklets are available in the bathrooms of our rooms.
  • We have a paid dry cleaning service.


  • Each of our specially designed rooms has a TV, air conditioning and special item safes.
  • Our door is open to our children of all ages.
  • Please note that breakfast is from 09:00 to 11:00.
  • All water used in the hotel, including pool water, is treated twice from the purifiers.
  • Check-in time: 14.00
  • Check-out time: 12.00